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Santa Teresa

It wasn’t easy to get there, but without a doubt, it was a lot harder to leave. We lived in Cartago in 2014, when we first visited Santa Teresa. We took two buses and a ferry, and we would do it again and again. See, this is the place where you actually go to relax. Now that I think about it, that last sentence will probably be repeated in the next posts we will share with you, I guess we relax too much, or not enough.

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Plan. Dream. Live.

Plans. Plans give meaning to our lives; they give us something to look forward to. They make those long hours at work worth it. Will and I have been making plans for our near future and I couldn’t be more excited. The trick when you plan is that you also have to learn to appreciate the beauty of what life gives you. Be spontaneous, and don’t freak out if something deviates a little from the path you’ve carefully prepared.

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