Think global, act local


“Think global, act local” was designed thinking of a better world and of what we can do to improve it. I am currently competing for a scholarship with this project. If you haven’t voted, please do. You are also welcome (and encouraged) to share the link so that other people can vote too. Let’s support emerging designers! Thanks for your help.

A better world would be ecofriendly; it would have no war and no social gaps. We want to change, but knowing how to start can be overwhelming. The answer is simple, the change starts within yourself. Ecological and social initiatives are successful when people care about them. Therefore, my design’s approach is to empower people by helping them see that huge changes can be made, just by encouraging honesty, transparency and environmental awareness. Teaching these principles will result in educated people who will take their values into consideration when making decisions that affect others and the world they live in. The use of mesh fabric and plastic symbolize these aspects.

I also think a joyful world is a better world. Equity can resolve conflicts and help people feel happier about themselves. Valuing everyone’s job and their contribution to society is a great start. I found inspiration in leather goods that were handmade by craftsmen and represented it on my design with the braiding technique used on the clutch, the eyelet design on the skirt and the handmade bias on the blouse.

By being honest, happy and by working together, we are one step closer to a better world.

 What do you think could make this world a better place?

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Outfit and clutch designed by: Aurola Wedman  Instagram: aurola.wedman

Photographer: William Víquez   Facebook: WillPhoto    Instagram: willviquez

Pictures were taken in San Pedro, San José and at the Costa Rican National Museum.