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We care deeply about what we wear to a special occasion. That explains the hours spent pinning our favorite looks, and browsing through countless online stores. We give some serious thought to that graduation or fashion week attire. Most of the time, we never wear it again.  

Shouldn’t daily-use garments be given that special consideration?

Shouldn’t feeling comfortable head-to-toe (underwear included) be a priority?

Hundreds of brands sell underwear, many of them seem pretty much the same thing, until one suddenly stands out. TomboyX is different, there is no way around it. When I watched this video on their Facebook page, I felt full of energy and desire to be part of the change our world needs. I also knew I wanted to try out their products, and luckily, I got the opportunity to collaborate with TomboyX through Shopping Links, and review two of their underwear shorts and their Rise Up T-Shirt. 


What I liked about TomboyX 

1) Values

Girls or boys, we have all heard enough about how society expects us to dress. It shouldn’t matter if your style is traditional or more eccentric, we all deserve the freedom to express our fashion visions without prejudice. TomboyX gets this! In their own words, “What’s more human than being exactly, brazenly, no apologies who you were born to be?”. 


2) Comfort

I love to wear my husband’s clothes, specially at night time or on rainy days. Who doesn’t love the coziness of a baggy sweater or loose jogging pants? This is not a coincidence, historically, most of the clothing worn by men was more comfortable than that of women. TomboyX has come to offer everyone comfy designs made to fit your body. 


3) Style

We want everything to look pretty, our own definition of pretty, whatever that might be. From our shoes to our furniture, we look for things that match our style. Underwear is no exception, and the good news is that TomboyX proposes a variety of colors, cuts, and prints, so the products you choose, fit right into your closet. 


4) More than underwear

I have mainly discussed underwear because this was my first experience with TomboyX; however, they also sell activewear, swimwear, and the coolest socks! I am so serious, if all socks were like these, you would love to get them as a Christmas gift. 


5) They showed in New York Fashion Week

Need another reason? TomboyX recently showed their rebellious looks during New York Fashion Week at the Brooklyn Museum. 


Dare to give it a try?

If you are interested in trying out TomboyX, I have great news! Colors of Costa Rica readers get a 15% discount by using the code LIVE-THE-X (valid until October 30th).

These are the items I used on the post:

Next Gen Plum Tomboy Shorts:

Micromodal Espresso Tomboy Shorts:

Rise Up Tee:


Underwear & Tee: TomboyX  Website:

Photographer: William Viquez  IG:willviquez FB:WillPhoto

Text: Aurola Wedman IG:aurola.wedman

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