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Breakfast is the sexiest meal

If you're having breakfast with someone next to you, you are probably in love or just had a pretty good night. I love making breakfast, I find it the sexiest of all meals. I usually wake up first and breakfast comes to mind. I plan to surprise her… I know how she takes her coffee, with milk, she adores the sweet scent that comes out when it’s heating up.

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Enjoying Casa Conde

As part of the prize we won through Expo Novia, Will and I had the opportunity to stay at the Casa Conde hotel at playa Panamá. The hotel is all inclusive, but during our stay they didn’t have the usual all-you-can-eat buffet. Maybe it was just because we visited during low season or perhaps they are searching to provide a more exclusive plan. Customers can order from the menu or ask for the “plat du jour”.

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