Nelson Atkins Fashion Show

Auro has been backstage several times, one time as a model for her own design (see it here). After the event she would tell me how it went, what she liked, and other details.  I've never stopped to think about photographing the sweet mayhem that takes place before a show. So when I went to the backstage of the Nelson-Atkins Fashion Show I kept asking myself: Now what? What do I shoot? Do I need to ask for permission? I hope I don’t get in the way of anybody or trip over a cable or something; so yes I was a bit nervous.

After the first 30 minutes seeing the amount of work that takes place, I knew I just needed to be as invisible as possible. These artists are really focused on their job. Photos with the clothing, hair, and make up for each model, everything has to be perfect. But even during all the running around to have everyone ready for the 6:30 deadline, there was time for music, stories, and laughs. People were laughing, which is always a good sign, and I like capturing people smiling, smiles are contagious.

It was show time. I could hear the people below speaking loudly. It’s amazing to see the sturdiness of the models as they walk smoothly and gracefully down the runway. How do they manage to stay so cool with all those eyes staring at their every move? It definitely takes a lot of courage to do what they do. Designers wowed everyone with the wearable art, I was lucky enough to see the outfits up close, it’s simply amazing what people can do when they put their mind and love to it.

After the show several photographers were given the chance to do a mini photo shoot with the models. Nervous breakdown! I’ve never directed a model before, other than my wife and a few close friends. So I had that mental battle all over again. What do I say? How do I say it? What if…? Now that I see the photos, I’m happy. There is always room for improvement, I’m constantly learning, and this was a new experience for me. An experience that I really enjoyed, specially because now I’m the one that gets to tell my wife how it went.


Designers and models, if you would like to use any of these pictures, email us at, and we will send you the photograph. Please remember to credit us :)

At: Nelson Atkins Museum of Art

Text and photos: William Viquez  FB:WillPhoto  IG:will.viquez

Editor: Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica