KCFW-Saturday Runway I

Fashion week went by so fast, we couldn't believe it was Saturday already! The last night of this season’s KCFW. We were excited to see what designers had created for the evening. In this first part, we will share the pieces designed by Michael Drummond, Tomboy, Barbara Bultman and Christian Micheal accessorized by none other than Dolyn Bags.

We hope you enjoy these outfits and our point of view. Part two coming up soon!

Michael Drummond

A quick head to toe glance is not enough to process Drummond’s outfits. You just keep staring. There is so much going on; prints that resemble hair/wigs, combination of fabrics, shimmering splashes. I loved the way he layered short-sleeved tops with shiny long-sleeved ones, this is a great way of enhancing your style when layering clothes during fall or winter. Genius!

Are you spending to much time on the couch? Tomboy’s collection will make you want to get up and go for a run, or you know, at least walk to the kitchen and back. Laura’s designs showcase neutral tones with little bursts of bright colors that bring an energetic feel. This sportswear line brings comfort to your daily activities, and will certainly make you pop out of the crowd.  

Barbara’s first model began her walk on the runway, and I was already hooked. Her knitted bag was brilliant, using tick strands gave it a high-end artisanal look, and of course, if you know me, you can bet I loved the colorful fringes. Throughout the collection Barbara displayed a lot of creativity. I enjoyed the unexpected geometrical cut-outs, the modern corsets, and certainly her use of color, which brought a lot of positivity and power into her pieces. 


Christian Micheal and Amy Beck conquered the KCFW runway with a modernized gentleman look. With floral and golden patterns on light fabrics, Micheal offers the simultaneous benefits of comfort and elegance. These vibrant prints go hand in hand with a unique accessory, and this is where Amy walks in.

You might remember Amy from our post Dolyn Bags and Architexture, where we showed you several of her bags for women. Well, if you are a guy, you are in luck! Amy also designs pieces for men. Her luxurious, hand-made leather bags completed Christian’s outfits perfectly. Wonderful combination!


Designers and models, if you would like to use any of these pictures, email us at thecolorsofcostarica@gmail.com, and we will send you the photograph. Please remember to credit us :)

Text: Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica

Photographer: William Viquez  FB:WillPhoto  IG:will.viquez

This runway was a part of: Kansas City Fashion Week