KCFW - Bubbly+Bowties

Will and I were pretty exited about attending the KCFW Bubbles and Bow Ties. It was the perfect occasion to get all dressed up and fancy. We headed to West Bottoms, Kansas City, where the venue, R24 Studios, is located. R24 is an artisan crafted luxury furniture store, and yes, we actually sat on art work (Marshall @ HIMYM). After being greeted at the door, we waited in line for the first set of pictures as the music played upstairs on the third floor. 

As we entered the studio, we could tell KCFW made sure everything was set to make you feel classy. We were welcomed with champagne and drinks offered by J. Rieger & Co. and Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant  , and colorful sweets by AUI Fine Foods . With our glasses fizzing with little bubbles, we walked around the room, enjoying the art work, the glamourous attires, and the healthy hors d’oeuvres by Delish! 

Lace transparencies, low back cuts, shimmering fabrics, bell sleeves… everything was present.  Fashion Week is not about everyone wearing the same colors or showcasing the same trends, it is about personal style, about your take on fashion. I decided to go with a simple elegant look. A green velvet dress and a body necklace. About my husband, I can tell you he looked so handsome with his suit and bowtie <3  

Photo by: Ryan Swartzlander. See more  here .

Photo by: Ryan Swartzlander. See more here.

A make up retouch station was featured by Dior. This was a great opportunity to try out new products, such as lipstick, eye shadows, and even fragrances.  Of course, I had to give if a try.

It was another wonderful night at KCFW. Gorgeous dresses and suits, and mingling with great people. 

At these events there are always photographers around, so don’t miss on the inside look of these professionals: Ryan SwartzlanderAtherton PhotographyRaddin Hackney or Larry F. Levenson

Thanks again KCFW! See you all at the runway on Friday and Saturday,

Aurola & Will


Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica

Photographer: William Viquez  FB: WillPhoto  IG: will.viquez