His & Hers

Our Wedding Outfits


For Will’s attire, we decided to visit the store of one of the vendors from ExpoNovia, Saúl Formal Wear. Will wanted something fresh, elegant, but simple. At that time, we were thinking our wedding was going to be in Costa Rica, and a suit for a sunny day in our tropical country, was definitely not his top choice.

The option of using a vest allowed him to play a bit more with different textures and colors. Once he chose the style and fabrics, the order was sent to Guatemala, where his garments were tailored-made. 

As it usually happens with custom made clothes, you can tell the difference when it comes to comfort. This, plus the elegance of small details, and the benefits of a true authentic style, left Will very pleased with his choice.

By the end of the day he told me: “If I could afford it, I would always wear custom made”.  Suit up! 

Thanks to Anthony, Image Consultant at Saul for providing excellent customer service during this whole process. 


For my dress, there was no way out, I wanted to be the designer and sewer of my wedding dress.

After months of looking at all sorts of dresses on Pinterest and going through tons of wedding magazines, after analyzing which silhouettes I liked, which elements where more important for me, I began to sketch. Once I chose the final sketch, it was time to make the patterns with the help of my dear professor, Angela Delgado. After that, I started to search for fabrics, sew and finally, do all of the manual finishing touches.

Even days before the wedding the process of embellishing applique with beads wasn’t finished, and it became a group project in order for the dress to be ready.

I don’t know how many months and hours it took to complete this project, but I do know that I loved my dress, and that my joy was multiplied by being the bride, but also, the designer <3

Thank you mom, teacher Angela, Kim, Scott, Will and everyone who in one way or another helped me getting materials, and worked with me together to make this dream come true.