Dolyn Bags & Architexture

In a time where fast fashion supplies the market with inexpensive, but pretty much disposable items; it is imperative that we show more support to designers like Ami Beck and Christina Becchetti Moncke. Last week, Will and I had the opportunity to meet both designers when we covered a shoot for Kansas City Fashion Collaboratives Magazine.

 Ami’s brand, Dolyn Bags, and Christina’s, Architexture, joined forces to create a sophisticated look, that had “timeless and elegant” written all over it. 

Dolyn Bags

Dolyn bags offers hand crafted pieces made of fine leather: handbags, duffels, and small pieces, that provide users the originality and quality, that every fashion lover seeks. Ami combines fabrics and colors perfectly, in a way that your bag will stand out, but is still easy to combine with countless outfits (jeans or evening wear). Dolyn brings back the respect for craftsmanship with pieces that the brand assures are, “bound for life”.


Architexture embraces simplicity, it proves that when you have a perfect piece, you don’t need anything else. Christina’s designs bring out the independence and strength of women. I love that! For her coats, dresses, and skirts, she uses strong, neutral colors, and defined lines. Christina explains that she likes to create versatile garments, that can be mixed and matched in numerous ways. By having several of these pieces in your wardrobe, you can create different looks, that regardless, will always be impeccable. 

The shoot

So once you find two amazing brands that go hand in hand which it other, what comes next? Stephanie Rohr had the graciousness to put together a photo-shoot team. Hair and make up professionals, Geena Mericle, Shannon Nemec, Natalie Sutton, and Travis Harland met at Dolyn’s studio to work their magic, and make sure everyone was “picture perfect”. 

At that point, it was time for the models Ashley Sperry, Ami Beck (designer as well), Beka Vande, Nina Monzon, and Stephanie Rohr to bring life to the designs. With their gestures and poses, they conveyed the message of powerful women.  

Now it was up to the three photographers: Rachel Rigler, Crystal Johnson, and Kyle Lackey to incorporate their vision and style. I love the sneak peeks that they’ve released and can’t wait to see the final edition on the magazine. 

Colors of Costa Rica was delighted to be the media outlet for such an energetic, inspiring group of people. We love what all of you do! Till next time, 

Aurola & Will


Pictures for this blog post were taken by: Aurola Wedman & William Viquez


Clothing: Christina Becchetti Moncke, Architexture

Accesories: Ami Beck, Dolyn Bags


Ashley Sperry, Ami Beck, Beka Vande Velde, Nina Monzon, and Stephanie Rohr.

Make Up and Hair:

Geena Mericle, Shannon Nemec, Natalie Sutton, and Travis Harland.


Rachel Rigler, Crystal Johnson, and Kyle Lackey.

For: Kansas City Collaboratives Magazine