Runway love-KCFW

Fashion is such an amazing thing. It is an art of individual expression; where everyone gets to be different and have her/his own style. It also tells the story of who we have been (think of the opulent dresses queens wore, the drama of punk, the simplicity of jeans) and of who we are today, together, as a community. Fashion differentiates us, but it also units us. Last Friday night at the Kansas City Fashion Week we were all united by fashion, surprise, and so much LOVE.

Fouchè Bridal

The story begins with a woman; a beautiful, talented fashion designer. Her name is Nicole and she was scheduled to present her collection, Fouchè Bridal, on Friday evening at the KCFW. A designer can expect many things to happen when exhibiting a collection on the runway: a flawless success, someone tripping, a garment tearing, etc. Believe me, of all things that can cross your mind, what was about to happen is definitely not on the regular “Happenings of a Fashion Show” list. 

The presenter announced the Fouchè plus-size bridal collection and explained the designer’s intention was for every bride to feel beautiful on her wedding day. The audience was astonished with the designs and applauded as Nicole walked out to the runway with her red hair styled in an up-do and an elegant black dress. 

As she was walking back, I noticed a man got on the runway and kneeled in front of her! “Oh my God!”, is all I could think about. Since it was a bridal collection, I wasn’t sure it if was a part of the show or not; however, the designer was clearly surprised. Soon we all realized this was truly happening! The lady that was sitting next to me and myself had to try really hard not to cry and I am sure the same happened to many. Needless to say, the crowd was moved and applauded even louder when we found out she said yes. It was just like a movie! I wish both of them love and happiness and honestly… I can wait to see what Nicole’s bridal dress will look like! 

This amazing shot by KCFW official photographer, Josh Santiago, shows the incredible moment (Check out Josh’s Photography Facebook Page here). 

After the magical moment, the show had to continue, and other designers were not left behind. They too, gave the audience reasons to remember Friday night. Each one shared their unique vision of fashion, whether it was an alternative approach to children’s wear or a marvelous use of layering and accessories. They all shined. Take a look at the pictures and decide for yourself which was your favorite collection; you can click on the designer’s name at the top of each set of pictures to check out their social media profiles.


(First picture is also part of Tattuage's runway).

The show ended on a strong note with one of my favorite, Asiatica, which is a retail store that sells Japanese inspired clothing. I loved the fact that you could tell what the inspiration was but garments were definitely wearable, especially if you are an extrovert when it comes to choosing your new “wardrobe finds”.


The huge bow was amazing and the model that was chosen to wear it was a perfect match. I have to check out their store in Kansas City! Who knows, I might have to make a “Japanese Garden 2” blog post (See previous post here). As if I hadn’t had enough cuteness for a day (I am totally kidding, there is never “too much” cuteness) I absolutely melted when I caught this little one taking pictures of her dad who was modeling for Asiatica. The whole family models as she was also on the runway for T. Michelle and her mom modeled the next day!

Now, who says fashion is a frivolous industry? Honestly, I see joy, union, love.

Text and photographs: Aurola Wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica   IG: aurola.wedman
Photographic edition: William Viquez FB: WillPhoto  IG: willviquez