Lu by Lolita


Our first contact with Lu by Lolita was during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, where we were able to get a close view of the collection in backstage and confirmed its quality and style. We felt honored when the brand reached out to Colors of Costa Rica to invite us to their store and then pampered us with gifts! <3

Lu by Lolita is a well-known international brand, which was founded in Uruguay and nowadays has stores in 10 different countries, including Costa Rica, Brasil and Dubai. Their designs provide comfort and elegance to women that lead different types of lives and have diverse body types. They offer garments in several sizes and for varied occasions, you can find “wear to work” clothes or bohemian outfits for a relaxed weekend.

What makes Lu by Lolita different?

Social Approach 

Besides excellent customer service, Lu by Lolita cares about their customers and wants them to feel part of the brand. They are bringing evolution to the Costa Rican market by planning events with bloggers to share more abound the brand, exchange experiences and advice, and of course, to indulge in a common interest: fashion.


How many times have you been in a dressing room when you realize you need a different size for one of the items you are trying on? Depending on the store you’re in, you’ll have to go looking for the item you want, and if it’s on a weekend, you’ll probably have to wait in line to get back into the fitting room. With Lu by Lolita, this has come to an end. Each dressing room has a screen that enables you to choose the garment, color and size that you want; the store associates receive an alarm on their Ipads and take the item to you. While you’re waiting, you can check out other items and possible combinations on that same screen. Thank you for integrating fashion and technology!

I would like to invite everyone who enjoys having fashion-show quality items in their wardrobe for a reasonable price to visit their stores. I will soon be showing you the gifts I got <3 for now, I’ll only say they are fabulous! See you soon, 


Photographer: William Víquez    FB: WillPhoto    Insta: willviquez
Location and clothes: Lu by Lolita  FB: Lu by Lolita  Insta: lubylolitacostarica
Text: Aurola Wedman  FB: Colors of Costa Rica   Insta: aurola.wedman