We had the opportunity to chat with Juan Carlos, Cafeoteca’s barista, at Kalú Restaurant. He is humble and really likes to talk, so besides enjoying a good cup of coffee, we came out with new insights and a desire to know more about the world of coffee. 

His passion began with food, he enjoyed cooking, but was also interested in Software Engineering. However, because of certain life circumstances, he was obliged to delay his university education while he worked and started to save money. Juan Carlos moved to Guanacaste where he worked in a beach hotel for a year. When he came back to San José he got a job in a French Café where he learned the art of baking.

Working at day and studying Gastronomy at night, a word reached his ears: “barista”. What is that? –he asked. That question led him to investigate and immerse in that dark liquid from which he hasn’t left. The rest, is a story written day by day with effort and dedication. 

Visit Cafeoteca, you will be treated as only a good barista knows how to. You will learn more about the art of coffee and will enjoy one or more cups using the extraction method of your choice. You will have where to choose from, Cafeoteca offers coffee from each region of our country.

Sit down and experience Costa Rica in a cup of coffee.

Location:  Kalú and Cafeoteca  Facebook: Cafeoteca

Pictures: William Víquez  Facebook: WillPhoto  Instagram: willviquez