With the growth of social media there are more and more people that launch their own fashion blog and share with other their unique style. Our country is a part of this huge phenomenon and has great blogs, including up and coming talent and some well-established ones. Marc (Revista Tigre) and I went out for coffee and while talking, decided to host a brunch to get to know a little bit more of those behind a #fashion blog.

Location and food

 Marc recommended Manos en La Masa, so we met there with to owners to organize the event. That day, Will and I had our first brunch at MELM y definitely liked it. On Sunday, we noticed the same reaction on many bloggers, the food was a clear success. Breakfasts include a fruit salad with yogurt, juice and coffee. The options are healthy and for all tastes, you can try a “Quinto” (similar to the Costa Rican pinto, rice with beans, but instead of rice they use quinoa), sandwiches made out with home made whole wheat bread, French toasts and breakfast pizza, among others.

Make Up Workshop

Besides a good location, we wanted to add a special touch and that’s where Make Up Store comes into play. Tiffany and Maria kindly participated in the event by offering a step by step make up workshop, where they should us how to achieve the “Safari” look. The Safari look is inspired by a strong woman in constant movement. They started teaching a day make up and then went on to explaining the modifications you can do to make that make up “night appropriate”. This is an excellent option, for our daily life just keeps moving faster, there’s school or work during the day and meetings or parties at night. With just one make up you can look beautiful and appropriate for any place and time.

Make Up Store is not just (like it’s name says) a store that sells make up, teaching is one of their main goals. You can attend individual of group classes and obtain equivalent make up for the cost of the class. We love to meet this type of people or companies that are looking to educate and help other. We wish them success in their future plans. Thank you Make Up Store for sharing with us your knowledge and for pampering us with that VIP card, we loved it!


Last but not least, we have our guests. Among us we had Deyma Salas, Jessica Cascante, Isabella Leyva & Carlos Sanabria, Natalia Kovach, Eugenio Ortiz & Sophia Stanley, Pamela Elizondo y Luz Alam. On behalf of Colors of Costa Rica (William Víquez & Aurola Wedman) and Revista Tigre (Marc Barquero) we thank you for joining us, it was a pleasure to meet you all and we hope this is the first of many reunions. 

See you next time,


Pictures: William Víquez          Facebook      Instagram

Restaurant: Manos en la Masa  Facebook      Instagram

Make Up: Make Up Store        Facebook      Instagram