La Musa: Second Issue

Big and eye-catching accessories are a must during this Spring/Summer 2016 season. On this second edition, Yuliana Montero and Colors of Costa Rica show you how to use them with your daily outfit. 

Yuli, designer of her brand “La Musa”, contributed with bracelets and an absolutely gorgeous handcrafted necklace. The hand-painted pieces of balsa wood give added value and originality to the product. When using this type of “statement jewelry”, we should see the accessories as an important part of the outfit and consider the style and color palette we’re looking to achieve. 

Regarding style, we were looking forward to a casual result, something perfect to use in College or to go shopping in. The necklace and bracelets add personality and glamour to the look, so we just added some basic garments like a white body suit, a pencil skirt and tennis shoes. This way, we got a stylish and feminine look without sacrificing comfort. 

When it comes to the color palette, you can add a necklace that matches your clothes colors or one that generates a nice contrast. A great technique to achieve that is using versatile fabrics like denim or neutral colors such as black, white and gray; just like we did on our first edition of the collaboration with La Musa, when using a LBD. You can see that post here.

Don’t be afraid of experimenting, try combining statement jewelry with prints, graphic tees and even stripes.  

Pictures: William Víquez   Facebook: WillPhoto  Instagram: @willviquez

Necklace and bracelets: Yuliana Montero Facebook: La Musa  Instagram: @_la_musa_

Skirt: Aurola Wedman  Facebook: Colors of Costa Rica  Instagram: @aurola.wedman