Olympic Inspiration

With the beginning of the Olympics, there is no better time to discuss a topic that is ordinary but also vital for our physical and mental well-being: sports.

Recently I have been more exposed to this topic and have gained a better understanding of how important playing sports is for some people. In some countries, adolescents consider sports to be relevant because they open doors to scholarships and education; for others, sports are a life lesson because they teach you to be persistent and in some cases, they are a tool to help keep your mind occupied and away from bad influences. 

Nowadays I think I would’ve liked to practice more sports as a child and honestly it surprises me that with my family’s sport background, my first reaction when someone throws a ball at me is… to cover my face haha. My dad was at a time the champion pole vaulter and track athlete of the state of Colorado and thanks to that, won a college scholarship. My uncle told me recently that when my father got that scholarship he heard my grandfather say: “We’ve got Mike’s education covered, now we’ve got Scott”, and even though he already practiced, from that moment on, rain or shine, he practiced his basketball shooting. Years after, he not only got a scholarship, but played professionally in the NBA. My aunts did not stay behind, Jeanne became an excellent tennis player and Sue taught physical education.

This brings me to the conclusion that being a good athlete goes beyond genetics. Sports require perseverance, commitment and passion. Watching the Olympics is being a witness of a couple minutes of intense effort, but the hours of training and the many sacrifices that are required to get there, will remain unknown for many of us.

Dancing has always been my thing, whether it’s belly dance, ballet or pole, I’ve done it or would love to give it a try. Even if it’s not something I do professionally, I enjoy every second I dance in a way I can’t describe with words. Lately I have been experimenting with other sports and even though it’s not easy, it’s all about practicing. We shouldn’t allow our desire to lead more active lives to go away along with the end of the Olympics; this doesn’t mean however, that we can’t use the inspiration to take that first step. If watching the Olympics hasn’t been enough to get you off the couch, perhaps this video will. Pablo shared it sometime ago and I just love to watch it because it shows how incredible the human body is and how amazing willpower can be. 

Let’s move and let’s show our support to these women and men that train countless hours to be a part of the Olympics!

Photographer: William Víquez  Facebook: WillPhoto    Insta: willviquez
Text: Aurola Wedman  FB: Colors of Costa Rica   Insta: aurola.wedman                                   
Video: We're The Superhumans, Channel 4