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On Saturday March 19th, Colors of Costa Rica was at the Feria de Diseño Gourmet Los Yoses with special guests. A dear friend was celebrating her birthday, so we took the opportunity and attended the event in Los Yoses. Together we enjoyed Costa Rican designs and culture. Will was “behind cameras” documenting the talented dancers, craftsmen and designers, as well as the laughs that are never absent when girls go out. Here’s the review we both wrote about the event; hope you enjoy it.

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When we arrived the dance had already started, SwingJosé had taken over a space and everyone’s eyes were on them. With their rapid movements and spins, they managed to take their whole audience back in time and brought instant joy. It was the first time we saw someone dancing Lindy Hop in person and we loved it. Another dance style for the “To learn” list.

Outside the park, firemen were sharing valuable information regarding fire and safety with the children. The sun was getting pretty hot so we looked for a shade and waited for our models.


We walked around the park, visiting each stand at least twice, discovering new things and talking to the exhibitors. We made new friends of whom we hope to tell you about in future posts. Among them: Mario and Alejandro from Loop and Dani and Mariano from FreakFlops.

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We chatted with Carlos Vargas, artist from the Cuchillo de Palo shop. He spoke with Will about history and the shops that once existed in Guadalupe of Cartago, he told him of families dedicated to the textile art and how only a few remain.


We do not tire of admiring the effort and organization seen on the fair in los Yoses. It’s well worth attending this type of events and getting to know the art of many people that work hard to give their best.


Thanks girls for joining us and Will for the pictures <3

Fotos: William Víquez 

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