La Musa: First Issue


I found “La Musa” on Facebook and was immediately captivated by the color and originality of the accessories. I would classify them as “statement jewelry”, where the most important part of the attire is the accessory itself, which is attention-grabbing from blocks away.


I contacted the designer, Yuliana Montero and we agreed to meet for a collaboration. Like her designs, Yuli conveys joy. She is friendly, talkative and knows all about the fashion industry. The goal for her necklaces and bracelets is to color your day and break the ice by generating conversations and curiosity about the product elaboration.  


The versatility of this type of accessories is noticeable, you can combine them with formal and casual wear. We put together La Musa’s designs with mine and created two outfits. On this post, we will be sharing the first one.


Necklace by: Yuliana Montero

Dress by: Aurola Wedman

This outfit consists of a black dress with mesh and asymmetrical details on the chest area that could be used at the office, as well as on a date or night out with friends. We matched it with a metallic necklace that draws looks to its black and yellow pom poms.


This is a good option to transform a sober look into something bolder, while maintaining a professional dress code. Soon we will be sharing a casual look, perfect for summer days. Mean while, we recommend that you to visit La Musa’s page and place your order. Let’s bring life and authenticity to our closets and let’s not forget to support local design. See you soon!


Pictures: William Víquez   Facebook: WillPhoto  Instagram: @willviquez

Necklace: Yuliana Montero Facebook: La Musa  Instagram: @_la_musa_

Dress: Aurola Wedman  Facebook: Colors of Costa Rica  Instagram: @aurola.wedman