Breakfast is the sexiest meal

By: Will


If you're having breakfast with someone next to you, you are probably in love or just had a pretty good night.

I love making breakfast, I find it the sexiest of all meals. I usually wake up first and breakfast comes to mind. I plan to surprise her… I know how she takes her coffee, with milk, she adores the sweet scent that comes out when it’s heating up.

I have honey ham, cheese and a baguette, what to make? Let us go to France; I'll make her a croque-monsieur and I'll tell her about one of my favorite spots in France, Étretat. I'll tell her about the time I had my first croque-monsieur, at the corner café just across from where I used to work.

The meal, the coffee or the stories are secondary, a complement to what is really important, the company of the one I love or the one I had fun with last night.

In my case it’s the same lovely lady.



Pictures by: William Víquez  Facebook: WillPhoto

Lovely lady: Aurola