Enjoying Casa Conde


As part of the prize we won through Expo Novia, Will and I had the opportunity to stay at the Casa Conde hotel at playa Panamá. The hotel is all inclusive, but during our stay they didn’t have the usual all-you-can-eat buffet. Maybe it was just because we visited during low season or perhaps they are searching to provide a more exclusive plan. Customers can order from the menu or ask for the “plat du jour”.


Of course, it was the perfect opportunity to eat like the French do: appetizer, entry, main dish and dessert. Oh and we can’t forget a glass of wine or two.

My favorite drink was Amaretto. It’s usually used as an added flavor for coffee. I tried it just with a little bit of ice to discover its original flavor and I have to say I loved it! It has a delicious scent and a sweet flavor. Totally recommended! Regarding food, I got swept away by the ceviche, so much that I ordered it as an entrée at least three times.


For my outfit, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and experiment with yellow, a summer favorite. I wanted to design a swimming suit and although yellow is not one of my favorite colors, the pattern on the spandex caught my attention. I combined two spandex fabrics and a lime green lace. The result was a happy and playful look, that we tried to intensify with the pictures.


By the way, we had lots of fun trying out the GoPro. Choosing music for a video might not be my biggest strength but I enjoyed the process!


Hope you enjoyed it. Happy January to all of you! And congratulations to our amazing photographer on his birthday month!

Swimwear: Aurola Wedman  facebook.com/colorsofcostarica   Insta: @aurola.wedman

Photographer: William Víquez  facebook.com/wViquezPhoto   Instagram: @willviquez

Hotel: casacondebeach.com