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Nelson Atkins Fashion Show

Auro has been backstage several times, one time as a model for her own design. After the event she would tell me how it went, what she liked, and other details.  I've never stopped to think about photographing the sweet mayhem that takes place before a show. So when I went to the backstage of the Nelson-Atkins Fashion Show I kept asking myself: Now what? What do I shoot? Do I need to ask for permission? I hope I don’t get in the way of anybody or trip over a cable or something; so yes I was a bit nervous.

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Runway love-KCFW

Fashion is such an amazing thing. It is an art of individual expression; where everyone gets to be different and have her/his own style. It also tells the story of who we have been (think of the opulent dresses queens wore, the drama of punk, the simplicity of jeans) and of who we are today, together, as a community. Fashion differentiates us, but it also units us. Last Friday night at the Kansas City Fashion Week we were all united by fashion, surprise, and so much LOVE.

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Chiefs of the Runway - KCFW

Last Thursday night (10/13), the Kansas City Chiefs latest fan apparel was seen in a very different field. Far away from turf and bleachers, a collection of Chiefs’ inspired-wear was showcased at the Kansas City Fashion Week. The first styles shown were a glimpse of the cheerful outfits that would follow. 

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