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The Interview Outfit

When it comes to job interviews I've always gone with the safe bet: a formal shirt and pants or a skirt. But today I had an interview for a fashion related job, where creativity is an important qualification. How to dress to impress? I chose a pair of really loose printed pants (which I never thought of like business attire) and decided to go for a risky but chic combination of stripes and prints. To give the look a formal spin, I added high heels, a black blazer and contrasting jewelry.

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À Prusia - Old fashioned walk

The weather gets cooler as we head North on the road that leads to the Irazú volcano. We don’t drive all the way up there; we stop on the road to glance down… a beautiful view of Cartago. It’s windy, but the yellow flowers bring warmth into the picture. After that, we decide to go to Prusia. It’s “unknown territory” for us and we’re a bit doubtful about being able to get there, after reading a review that recommends a 4x4 vehicle.

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Playful Green

Everyone has problems or at least deals with stress, but instead of letting it eat you up, take control, breath, and have fun. After all, being happy is what matters the most! A break during the middle of the semester was almost necessary, so my family and I took off to Jacó for the day.

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