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Moda Shoot

I would say that now, more than ever, you can truly be whatever you want to be. A fashion designer, a blogger, a model… It is no longer up to destiny to place you right in front of that café, under perfect light, at the exact time a model scout happens to walk out, and determines you are incredibly beautiful. No, now we have countless model agencies, social media, networking events. People actually have a shot at carving their own destiny.

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Back in time

I usually think more of the future, than I do of the past. The future is filled with possibilities, dreams, paths that can lead anywhere. However, the past comes up sometimes, and I have to admit, it is a comfortable place… childhood laughter and games, stories with known endings, certainty. And then comes the nostalgia, for “the good days”, for times and places that I was never in, but can’t help but admire, and wonder what life was like back then.

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2017 Summer Wishlist

Being from Costa Rica, I can’t express how much I’ve been missing warm weather. Snow is different, and lots of fun, but seriously I need some sunshine! I am so excited that summertime is getting closer and decided to prepare a wishlist of those summer essentials that have been on my mind.

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