KS Roadtrip: Monument Rocks


"This is the place that got us to seriously consider moving into a recreational vehicle."

Monument Rocks in Oakley, is the third landmark we visited during our Kansas road trip. The photos cannot prepare you, and do no justice to the beauty of this place. The beauty of solitude and silence. 


We walked around the monument for a few minutes, and then sat down to watch the sunset. The sun descended slowly, through “the needle”, an oval-shaped gap in between the rocks.

The colors of the horizon as the sun sets, and the moon begins to shine taking its place, were simply beautiful. We were amazed, we were marveled, even after sunset, when everything got dark, we wanted to stay. 

Although Monument Rocks was just 30min away from our hotel, Kansas Country Inn, where a comfortable room and a next-day delicious breakfast awaited, we wanted to spend a few more hours, maybe the whole night, perhaps a few more days.


And that’s when we thought about it. We want to live nowhere, but also, everywhere. This is the place that got us to seriously consider living in a RV (recreational vehicle). Traveling, living on the road with no fixed zip code. We imagined drinking our coffee while waiting for the stars to light up the sky, taking night photographs of the galaxy, the universe’s celestial show. We pictured ourselves waking up with the jack rabbits, the swallows, the sun. 


We imagined this majestic landscape as our front and backyard.

In a way it is true, the world is our and your backyard. Let’s go out, and explore it. 


Text: Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  

Photographer: William Viquez  FB:WillPhoto  IG: willviquez

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Kimono: Fortuity  Boots: Charlotte Russe

Location: Monument Rocks