KCFW-Saturday Outfit

Hello friends! We’ve been meaning to post the pictures of my last outfit for this season’s Kansas City Fashion Week, it took us a while, but here they are!

For Saturday night I went for a comfortable look. I’ve been practicing layering a lot recently, and I really enjoy it. You can combine pieces in so many ways! What I do is take 5 or 6 pieces that I think will look good together, and then basically just play “dress-up”. I try tops over other tops, skirts over dresses, you name it. Lots of the combinations make me and my hubbie laugh, but others come out pretty good.

I used a cute Coachella crop tee from H&M and paired it with a lace top and a scarf, to give the look a more feminine and romantic feel. I hope you enjoy the outfit, and would like to encourage you all to do some layering as well, those pieces in your wardrobe, have a different side waiting to be discovered!