KCFW-Friday Runway II

We loved sharing the talent of the designers who presented their collections on the first segment of the KCFW Friday Runway (see here). We have been working on this second part, and are very excited to show you all what we got.

On this second post, you will get a glance at the collections of Lauren Bander, Andrea Marie Long Designs, TRBrown, Queens Rocket.

Hope you enjoy it! Stay tuned for our Saturday review, coming soon!


Lauren Bander

Lauren’s dresses are perfect for any occasion, a fancy date-night, a party, a graduation. She uses neutral colors like black, white and gray, and brings the “wow” factor with astonishing details, such as lace, color degradation (black/gray long dress); one of her dresses even had lights!  If you have an elegant taste and want to wear something that makes you feel confident, this is the collection for you.

We first saw one of Andrea’s long blue velvet dresses at the Media Meet + Greet; we where captivated. Velvet has been gaining popularity, and we love it. Pieces made with velvet are so smooth, and its beautiful how they project different tones depending on the lighting. Andrea’s choice of fabric, color pallet, and golden details, took my mind to a queen’s wardrobe. She also brought versatility and freshness by incorporating leather pieces. Beautiful!

Who is not drawn by the city that never sleeps? TR Brown’s collection “Chelsea Girls” takes us back in time to New York. Bring your suit case! You are in for a wonderful ride.

When I look at Tiffany’s collection, I think of ambitious women, who moved there to pursue their dreams, to be discovered, to become famous. Her outfits are so glamourous, and the lines are well defined; I also loved the use of faux-fur. The make-up and hair where the perfect addition, as the looks went hand in hand with the concept.


Believe me, Queens Rocket is not your average menswear line. With his designs, Jon Fulton Adams truly pushes men to explore their creativity. Male fashion is often straight-forward, the same classic styles in new colors. Not Queens Rocket, these combinations were really an example of thinking outside the box. Jon accentuated men’s sensuality, and showed a more emotional side. His use of knits and fur brought a “homey” sensation to his designs; inviting men to feel comfortable with who they are, and to feel confident to express their personality with their garments.

Designers and models, if you would like to use any of these pictures, email us at thecolorsofcostarica@gmail.com, and we will send you the photograph. Please remember to credit us :)

Text: Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica

Photographer: William Viquez  FB:WillPhoto  IG:will.viquez

This runway was a part of:

Kansas City Fashion Week