KCFW-Friday Runway I

Last week Will and I attended the Kansas City Fashion Week Friday runway. There are so many amazing designs and cool pictures we want to share with you! So we decided to do the two segments of the event on separate posts. On this first one, you will get a glance at the collections of Joshua Christensen, Ethel and Dean, Julia Fischer and Nasheli Juliana. Click on each designer's name above their pictures to view their page. 

Joshua Christensen

In addition to being one of the designers in Season 9 of “Project Runway”, Joshua studied at FIDM, and is now based in Los Angeles, where he works on his own brand.

Christensen’s collection made me think of what royalty or celebrities look like while on vacation (at least in my mind). He took resort wear and endowed it with sophistication. I want to commend Joshua’s use of luxurious fabrics; the colors and patterns were jaw-dropping.  

One of my favorite pieces was the strapless white dress. I thought it was outstanding how the designer kept such a flawless shape even with all the tie-ups. Fabulous!

Designer Meghann Wheelock presented a children wear collection, Ethel and Dean, named after her grandparents. The collection and the models, made everyone in the crowd go “aww”.

Beyond its cuteness, it was very well done. The designer used traditional elements like plaid, and incorporated a creative kid’s personality; bear graphics, floral fabric, denim with patches, you name it. I think the collection indeed exemplifies what the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents is like; there is a respect, ease and fun.  

You can’t have a sad day if you are wearing Julia Fischer. We just loved her use of color contrast and shiny fabrics this season. Her outfits are so joyful! You probably remember Julia from our recent post Friday Outfit by Julia Fischer. She is an amazing designer and we were very excited to see her new collection.

Fischer continues to bring power into the female wardrobe; this time with a 60’s hint illustrated with bell bottom pants and mini skirts. We enjoyed the use of ruffles and the impeccable styling with fishnets, and socks complemented with high heels. Wearing these gorgeous combinations will definitely make you light up the room the second you walk in!


With only two main colors, white and black, Nasheli created a radical collection. Her clothes carried a message, a demand for change. I interpreted her use of modified religious elements as a claim for revolution, as a fight for the recognition of female sexuality, which is often suppressed by society or religion.

Besides a strong connotation, Nasheli also showed mastery in design. Her garments included complex shapes, that take great skill to create. The sleeves in her pieces were so varied, and so rich, I would love to have tops like that! 

Designers and models, if you would like to use any of these pictures, email us at thecolorsofcostarica@gmail.com, and we will send you the photograph. Please remember to credit us :)

Photographer: William Viquez  FB:WillPhoto  IG:will.viquez

Text: Aurola Wedman IG: aurola.wedman  FB: Colors of CostaRica

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Kansas City Fashion Week